“Snoopy tells me when Jael is sick in another room. In one instance, Snoopy woke us in the middle of the night when Jael needed to go to the hospital -- or he would have dehydrated!  Snoopy is so smart and we love him."

- DAFA Service Dog Team,

Jael and Snoopy


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Our Mission


The Lives We Impact

Through your generous donations, we can test, train and match a qualified rescue dog to be a service dog for an autistic youth's individual needs within our community at no cost to the family.

“Cow, my service dog, is my partner, my best friend, and my life jacket. I will forever be grateful for the life he has given me, because I would have nothing but a facsimile of a life without him.”

-DAFA Service Dog Team,

Lindsay and Cow


Our mission is to expand the perspectives of autistic youths, their families and their communities. We seek to empower these young people by increasing awareness of their infinite potential and life's endless possibilities.