Victoria & Sophie

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Angelina & Juliette

Please meet Angelina and Juliette via this youtube video.

A big THANK YOU to Pet Rescue by Judy, who generously donated Juliette to Dream Acres for Autism to be matched with Angelina!!  What a fantastic organization and a volunteer staff with such BIG hearts!!

Juliette and Angelina are now a vested team in our community!

Celebrating Success

We're so proud of each and every Dream Acres Team and celebrate their achievements, commitment to their goals and personal growth.

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This is the remarkable story of how Sophie, a Dream Acres' service dog, saved Victoria from a pool.

Victoria got up very early one morning and had taken off Sophie’s collar.  When Victoria's parents woke they found the empty collar and leash on the floor, the door wide open, and Victoria and Sophie both gone.  As the parents ran out the door in a panic to find Victoria, they saw the maintenance man drive up with his cart and Victoria and Sophie were riding in the back. Sophie still had no collar, no leash, nothing, and she was just sticking close to Victoria on her own. The maintenance man told Victoria's parents that he found her sitting on the grass near the pool with Sophie on top of her.  Victoria said that Sophie told her not to go swimming and to stay where she was. Victoria listened and stayed put, telling Sophie stories until the maintenance man found them. 

Victoria and Sophie got the highest medal of honor at Paws of Honor last year for their special team work. Victoria was so proud, she didn’t take her tiara off for three days!

We hope you enjoy these personal success stories and photos from our service dog teams.  


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